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Years after her first child is stillborn, Sophie surrenders to a mystifying longing to find her deceased daughter’s spirit. Her search takes her on a magical journey she never could have imagined. An Ancient Tear is for anyone hoping to heal from the loss of a child through death, miscarriage, abortion or adoption, and reclaim lost feminine power.


Personal Note


While writing in The Other Mother about a visit to the South Carolina State Mental Hospital with my Abnormal Psychology class, I was describing the soft pink color of the bricks in the oldest section housing the most disturbed patients, when I found myself wondering what would happen if I just let myself go and discover what it was that I would write if I set myself free. The color haunted me. In my attempts to heal from the trauma of losing my son and perhaps find some meaning, I explored every avenue both psychologically and spiritually. The spiritual aspects fascinated me - the lost feminine in our culture, reincarnation and shamanism. After publication of The Other Mother, the color's hold on me intensified and I had no choice but to explore its meaning. Never would I have imagined the world awaiting me behind that cloud of soft pink dust.


As with The Other Mother, my hope is that the reader finds An Ancient Tear to be a healing experience, a shamanic journey to not only retrieve lost parts of oneself, but also to reclaim the lost powers of the feminine in our culture and bring our world back into balance.


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