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“After a while, the heat from her body could no longer protect her from the cold wrought iron of the chair and lost out to the deepening fall chill. Sudden tears blurred the edges of the centuries-old trees behind the house, as she sought sanctuary in their solemn beauty. The damp golden air was heavy with decay, its weight begging for stillness. Sophie so wanted to yield, give in finally, to walk through the veils that enticed with primal wisdom.” (Excerpt from An Ancient Tear)


"An Ancient Tear is a compelling story of how a mother's wounds of losing a child through death, miscarriage, abortion, and adoption can be healed through a connection with spiritual realms. Carol Schaefer is a brilliant writer and brings her readers right into the experience she shares."  Sandra Ingerman, MA Author, Soul Retrieval

"An Ancient Tear by Carol Schaefer is pure poetry. A story about the most devastating loss anyone can suffer, the loss of a child. An archetypal portrayal of great insight and sensitivity."  Nancy Verrier, MFT  Author, The Primal Wound and Coming Home to Self


An Ancient Tear catapulted me into a new place in my healing, after my daughter’s tragic death. The poetic way the author portrays buried grief and gently reveals the power of the greatest force of the most hallowed relationship – that between a mother and her child - gave me insight and great peace. I believe the book helped me more than thirty therapists could have.”  Michelle


More books like An Ancient Tear need to get out into the world, so more women can open up and find their true heart.” Donna 


An Ancient Tear made an impact on me. I have always wondered what being "spiritual" meant and this book describes it very well. I also enjoyed the way all the adoption and loss issues were incorporated. An Ancient Tear has enriched my life.”  Dorothy


An Ancient Tear took me on many journeys, each a surprise, each more soul -filling than the last.”  Bonnie


“There is so much in An Ancient Tear that I had to read it one word at a time for its dramatically heightened sense of awareness leading to ten fold more questions, a hundred fold increase in the depth of understanding and a thousand fold increase in both the pain and the joy of life as it exposes itself. It is surrender to vulnerability that breaks down barriers and opens up the path to intimacy – and ultimately to an understanding of who we really are.”  Jerry


"As with The Other Mother, An Ancient Tear really touched my heart and helped me put my feelings into words. Thank you from myself and all other birth mothers."   Brigid
















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