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 Quotes from the Grandmothers




“We must stop this spiritual blindness, the inability to see and feel the sacred around us.”


“Spirituality, which inhabits us all, is equally universal. It is up to each person whether or not to choose that path.”


“A new consciousness is to be created that will combine the accomplishments of the mind with the deep wisdom of the heart, which is the key to a prosperous and sustainable future for all.”


“We forget who we are and that is the cause of our illness.”


“I try to look at whatever comes along in a day as part of the blessing from an ancient prayer.”


“There is a perfection in all of us that we must tap into, a consciousness of beauty, abundance, purity, and harmony.”


With every new experience, we have the power to redefine ourselves, so that, no matter what our past mistakes, we can always change.”


“Women must wake up this great force they possess and bring the world back to peace and harmony.”


“The balance within the whole of civilization originates within each individual.”


“We cannot break the cycles of violence around the world without also healing the perpetrators.”


“The prayers and teachings of the ancestors will light our way through an uncertain future.”



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