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Movie and Media

TV Movie Review:  The Other Mother,  NBC Television.  25 Million Viewers! 


“... features an articulate and eloquent script by Steven Loring, carefully paced and involving direction by Bethany Rooney and magnificent acting by Frances Fisher and Corrie Clark. The cast overall is first rate and the production, shot in Canada, looks beautiful ... viewers both male and female will find indeed it does present a memorable illumination of human values and a spirituality beyond religion.”

The Hollywood Reporter, April 17, 1995

       The Other Mother on Youtube!


Great interview with adoptee, singer and actress Zara Phillips. 1 hour 

Wonderful radio interview with birth/first mother and internationally known psychic Betsey Lewis on healing the wounds of adoption. 1 hour


Interview for Single Shot with Alex Ag -

How isolation in the home for unwed mothers

impacted my photography.


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